Terms and Conditions

It is important that you read and understand our terms and conditions before you transfer funds with Sarrafi.co.uk

Transfer Terms

We have seasonal offers on from time to time when you can send money for £0 fee; please call us for the most accurate quotes and current offers. When there is no seasonal offers on, there is normally a £5 administration charge per transaction that is under the value of £100.


For amounts greater than £10,000 please call our Head Office in the UK on: +44 (0) 20 8381 3334 between 09:00am to 17:00pm Monday to Friday.





Once you have sent us a payment it cannot be refunded.


However, we may buy back the currencies at the same rate if it is established that there has been a genuine mistake in the order. This is at the absolute discretion of Sarrafi.co.uk


Genuine mistakes in money transfer requests should be proven to Sarrafi.co.uk within 24 hours.In the case of UK orders, and where Sarrafi.co.uk agrees to buy back the currency, there will be a small handling charge. The handling charge for orders from other countries may vary.




Sarrafi.co.uk provides information and exchange rates using its best endeavours to achieve accuracy, however this cannot be guaranteed.


Prices quoted are for the rate and transaction carried out on the exact day.


Money transfers are paid in the currency of the destination country.


Sarrafi.co.uk does not warrant this website's contents in relation to exchange rates, market prices and data.


For an exact quote please call our UK office on: +44 (0) 20 8381 3334


Governing Law

Our agreement with you is governed by English Law. Customers contracting with Sarrafi.co.uk agree that English Law governs the terms and conditions, contract and transactions.


Sarrafi.co.uk is regulated by HM Revenue & Customs and Financial Conduct Authority for the conduct of payment services business in the UK. Our HMRC Registered No is: 12157725 and FCA: 541218

Money Laundering and Other Unlawful Activities

We have no obligation to you to initiate or perform a money transfer or other transaction as part of the Sarrafi.co.uk service if  we have reason to believe it is connected in any manner, to a money laundering activity or other unlawful purpose.


We have a legal obligation to report to Customs & Excise/NCIS/SOCA any such suspicious transaction. The definiton of a 'suspicious transaction' is one that raises an 'uncomfirmed belief' or 'fleeting inkling'.

What Does UK Law Require?

 1. The law requires us to monitor any unusual or suspicious transactions of any size where we have reasons to believe the money is derived from illegal activity.

2. The law also requires us to keep full records of all transactions and in particular those of Euro 1,000 (about £700) and above, together with identifications provided.


European Union banking regulations require us to verify the identity of customers who send money.


Identification may be in the form of a passport, driver's licence, credit/debit card. We also require proof of address; this can be a recent (within last three months) bank/credit card statement, utility bill or telephone bill (not mobile) We are unable to process any transaction where this information is withheld. For other forms of acceptable identification please call or e-mail us. 


Reporting Procedures

There is a statutory obligation on all Sarrafi.co.uk employees and agents to report suspicious transactions to the Authorising Centre. By knowingly failing to report any suspicious transactions or deliberately breaking large transactions into smaller amounts to avoid detection, breaks the law, and may result in imprisonment, a fine or both.